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Our Story

Over five decades ago this family-owned and run business set out on a quest to create the tastiest and healthiest snackfoods anyone could buy.

Along the way we discovered that there is no magic ingredient to success.

It became clear that the only magic comes from mixing together the most dedicated and creative people with the freshest natural ingredients and the finest cooking techniques.

The result is a range of unique products that not only surprise and delight with their tantalising flavours, but are better for you too.

This is why Majans Snacks are now enjoyed every day across thriving markets in Australia, New Zealand and the Americas; by the world’s most discerning and trend-leading consumers.

Spend a few moments to discover our story. You may not find it as tasty and wholesome as our products, but it will tell you how we came to create them.

And why the magic is in the mix.

Our Brands

  • Original Mix

    Delightfully aromatic spices play against a marvelous mix of wholesome crunchy nibbles, garden peas, peanuts and juicy sultanas

  • Infuzions Prawn Cracker

    With a classic prawn cracker crunch, the deep smokiness of rich paprika contrasts deliciously with a mild, sweet finish.

  • Bhuja Deli Style

    Deli style crispy nuts. Dipped in crispy batter with chipotle mayonnaise

  • Bhuja Deli Style

    Deli style crispy nuts dipped in crispy batter with orange zest & roasted cumin

The magic's in the mix

Creating the magical taste of Majans snacks is a painstaking process, but this 3-minute video will show you all the vital ingredients that go into them.

Watch the video Making magic. Our recipe is simple.

1. Start with skilled and passionate people.

Magic doesn’t happen without skill and dedication. Our inspired team are the perfect blend of youth and experience – the best in their craft from around the world.

2. Add quality natural ingredients.

With a focus on direct farm ingredients, we favour certified non-GMO ingredients. Our ingredients are required to meet strict standards that offer lower fat, a low glycemic index, high in fibre with natural colours and flavours blended in the finest first-press sunflower oils.

3. Create incredible flavours naturally.

Through our artistry in flavour, we extract and infuse spices and aromas into our cooking oils, blending them in time-honoured recipes to create tantalising taste sensations.

4. Cook with cutting-edge techniques.

Superfood ingredients in delicious snacks are possible through a mix of ancient cooking philosophies and the most advanced technologies. Our processes retain nutritional value while minimising oil absorption.

Our History

From the humblest of beginnings, we’ve grown to become one of the largest family-owned snack food companies in Australia. Join us on our journey with some of the landmark events along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed answers to some of your most frequently asked questions on Majans products.

We hope these are of help!

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Do Majans products contain genetically modified ingredients?


No. We source only GMO free ingredients and suppliers have to adhere to certain criteria and provide certification to us that their products are GMO free.


What allergens do Majans products contain?


A variety of healthy ingredients are used in Majans products including dairy, soy, nuts, seeds, oats and wheat.  Each product will vary as to the allergens it contains.  Allergen information is listed clearly on each pack and on the product page of this website.


Which Majans products are gluten free?


Majans entire ‘Bhuja Range’ products are certified gluten free.


What is GI and what are the benefits of low GI foods?


GI (Glycaemic Index) is a measure of the effect of carbohydrate-containing foods on blood glucose levels.  Low GI foods are digested and absorbed slowly in the body, meaning they produce gradual rises in blood sugar levels.  High GI foods are rapidly digested and absorbed, resulting in large fluctuations in blood sugar levels.  Low GI foods keep you fuller for longer, and are associated with positive health outcomes such as weight control, diabetes control and maintaining heart health.


Are Majans products suitable for Vegans?

Our Bhuja range is suitable for Vegans
Our Bhuja Deli range is suitable for Vegetarians
Our Infuzions  Prawn Cracker BBQ & Potato Mix Sweet Chilli are Vegans
Our Infuzions Veggie Straw Sour Cream & Chives is not suitable for Vegetarians

What kind of oil do you use?


Majans products are cooked in high oleic sunflower oil which is 100% natural and pure.


Do Majans products contain MSG?


Majans products have no added MSG.


Do Majans products contain artificial preservatives, colours and flavours?


Majans products do not contain artificial preservatives, colours and flavours.


Are Majans products made in USA?


No, our Majans products are made in Australia sourced from certified non-GMO local and international ingredients.

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